Advisor, Coach and Motivational Leadership Developer, Communications Specialist



You Don’t Get What You Deserve.

You Get What You Negotiate



I focus on others.


As an experienced advisor, coach, negotiater and consultant I am loyal and committed to the success of every assignment.


From the individual One-On-One coaching process with strategic focus on communication and behavior - to guiding local and global leaders towards the achievement of their goals.


I am driven by my personal ambition that what I advise and do make someone else looks good.


I aim to engage, inspire and motivate high level executives, leaders and people in organisations to accomplish excellence.

Theory is what you know – Execution is what you do with what you know


Clients from industry sectors include Universities, Energy, Medical, Financial, Parliament, Shipping, Retail and Automotive.


My services are appreciated throughout Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, China and North America.


I am a proud father and passionate about anything Italian; The people, Art, Culture, Music and naturally the Cuisine



Percepti International Leadership


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Henley Business School: Reflection

Henley Business School: Does Engagement Matter


John Witmore: GROW, Coaching model

Master: EASI Assessment Tool


Eagles Flight: Experiential Learning Simulations


Managing Director, Paramount Picture, Universial Studios